Impertech unveil new IM76 respirator at Shot Show 2022

The new IM76 respirator by Impertech has been designed to meet challenges and withstand extreme conditions like never before. With its patented panoramic visor, advanced multi feature interface platform and versatile filter attachments, the IM76 is the protection against CBRN threats you need for your fighters facing the future of defense.

Just some of the features include:

  • Filtering and respiratory protection from CBRN materials
  • Adjusted to fit with 6 harnessing straps.
  • Advanced and patented panoramic visor system
  • ballistic + anti-fog + anti-glare + anti-flash visors. Internal optical visors for eyeglasses users
  • Modular filter assembly according to your needs: front, left or right side.
  • Anthropometric: the mask effortlessly fits and seals all facial structures and genders
  • Light, easy to wear and carry
  • A voice membrane interface allows communication with team members
  • Communication system includes inner microphone unit and outgoing connector to communication devices
  • A drinking tube allows for safe refreshment without having to remove the mask
  • An exhaust system to drain fluids prevents body fluids from accumulating in the mask

To find out more about the IM76, head to the Impertech website today. 

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