identiFINDER R200 pager-sized radiation identification tool launched

Flir releases rugged, pager-sized identiFINDER R200 handheld spectroscopic personal radiation detector (SPRD).

FLIR Systems announced the launch of the identiFINDER R200, their latest addition to its industry-leading identiFINDER R-Series handheld radiation detection and identification tools. Intended for use by state and local law enforcement agencies and first responders, the wearable identiFINDER R200 delivers ANSI N42.48 compliant identification for $2,995 USD, a price that enables more first responders to perform immediate front-line detection and response during a radiological event.

Weighing less than one pound, the identiFINDER R200 boasts a compact and rugged design to wear on a belt without burdening the officer and provides continuous radiation monitoring during routine traffic stops etc. without requiring any user interaction. The identiFINDER R200 combines FLIR's new Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) technology with a Cesium Iodide (CsI) detector to provide high-resolution identification so frontline officers can quickly determine whether a gamma radiation source is a true threat or benign source from medical patients, normal occurring radiation, or industrial use.

Using Bluetooth and web server technologies, the OneTouch Reachback feature provides officers large-scale situational awareness and enables instant notifications to help improve communications with command and control. FLIR will showcase the identiFINDER R200 for the first time at the Emergency Management and Homeland Security Expo (EMEX) November 17-18 in Las Vegas, NV, booth #517 and it will be available globally in early 2016.

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