IC2 Feenix launch their Medipod patient isolation system

Innovative Finnish company, IC2 Feenix, launch their Medipod patient isolation system.

The MediPod Patient Isolation pod is a one-man patient isolation system. The solution has been developed in co operation with primary and health care professionals. It provides the isolation needs of the primary care personnel in infectious patient transfer situations. The patient affected by pathogens, chemical compounds or flue gas can be isolated in the MediPod. The state of the patient can be maintained during the transportation to the hospital without exposing the medical personnel to any hazard. It also provides physical protection, for example in the case of patients with heavy secretions, decreasing the need of the sanitation. The starting point to the design of solution is the user friendliness and the patient safety needed the primary care. MediPod Patient Isolation Pod provides safe transportation for both patient and the primary care personnel. The unit is equipped with chemical resistant gloves that further enable safe medical care during transportation.

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