Hughes Safety Showers called on to aid recent M6 alert


Decontamination shelters by Hughes were deployed at the scene of the M6 Megabus incident on July 5

Hughes Decontamination Shelters were deployed at the scene of the M6 Megabus incident on July 5. The authorities were taking no chances when a member of the public reported suspicious activity and the possibility of chemicals being used on public transport. With 48 passengers on board, two CUPOLAdecon2/MD4 Shelters were prepared by the roadside and made ready in the event that decontamination was required for the public or the emergency support teams attending the scene.

In the end it proved to be a false alarm and the culprit device found to be an electric cigarette, but despite disruptions to their journey, most members of the public seemed satisfied at the speed of the response teams and the seriousness in which the incident was considered by the emergency services. Tony Hughes of Hughes Safety Showers said, \"The CUPOLAdecon2/MD4 Shelters did their job but on this occasion we are thankful that the full facilities of our decontamination shower units and personal decontamination support packs were not required. In this kind of incident, the emergency services need to be operational with decontamination services available in minutes; these shelters from our inflatable Decontamination range provide access to safe and speedy decontamination and we are delighted our products are helping the response teams and providing additional peace of mind to the public.\"

Inflatable shelters are part of the Hughes Decontamination product range. For more information please visit or call 0161 430 6618.

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