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Two lots of news from Hotzone Solutions

Hotzone Solutions announced that they have opened up their US office and delivered their Live-Agent Training Pilot Module with CWA. The Utah based office is headed up by Carl Jorgensen, who has over 30 years’ experience in designing, managing and performing chemical-defence equipment testing and compliance inspections. Mr Jorgensen is a former staff member of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and in the past has worked with the Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC).

Their live agent pilot module was delivered last year for six students of the Masters Course in 'Protection Against CBRN events,' and was held at Voyenský Výzkumný Ústav (VVU), one of the few specialized facilities in Europe where practical field activities with real chemical agents are allowed. The course consisted of three elements:
• Lectures on CWAs, detection and protective equipment;
• Sampling and analysis, both outdoor and in the laboratory, of chemical warfare agents using simulants;
• Sampling and analysis, both in laboratory (indoor) and at the Charlie Area (outdoor) with real samples of Mustard (HD), Sarin (GB) and VX.

Find out more information on this course, and others, via this link

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