Head teacher arrested for poisoning 23 pupils

23 schoolchildren died last week after ingesting their free school lunch which was ingested with the insecticide monocrotophos. The female headmistress has now been arrested to help police in their investigation.

The BBC has more information here, but essentially the Cook has stated that the Headmistress forced her to use some foul smelling oil in the children's meal of rice and beans - the suggestion is that the container used to transport the oil from her husbands shop had previously had the insecticide monocrotophos in it. While a great deal of emphasis is placed on aerosol release the likelihood is that any small scale (and 23 can hardly be considered small) incident is likely to be based on ingestion (Rajneeshee etc). Clearly adulteration of the food chain is the most difficult part of CBRN, and adulteration at the end of the food chain (ie when it is being cooked) is the easiest part of that spectrum, the disappointment is that so few technical solutions are being developed for it.

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