HazMatIQ launches new CBRNE training system RadIQ

HazMatIQ launches new CBRNE training system, RadIQ, at the unveiling of Federal Resources' new headquarters

HazMatIQ has predominantly been Hazmat based training. However, HazMatIQ is proudly launching RadIQ, the new training geared toward the CBRNE industry. \"This HazMatIQ course will enable responders to safely and efficiently respond to radiological emergencies with confidence,\" said Joe Gorman, HMIQ creator. The days of not understanding all the information, scientific terms, various meters and how to incorporate all tools into a response plan, is gone. REM, Curies, Becquerel, Gamma, radionuclides, Co60, Cs137, stay times, RIDs, RADs and everything in between will be transformed from disconnected definitions into essential actionable information used in the hot zone to connect the dots. RadIQ uses the core HazMatIQ training principles of making HAZMAT easy to understand and is designed to train responders in the use, interpretation and selection of a variety of radiological instruments, PPE and incorporating risk-based decisions used in HazMat/WMD response incidents.

Tags: CBRNe, Radiological

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