HazMasterG3: State-of-the-art CBRNE response

HazMasterG3 has reinvented the CBRNE decision support system.

HazMasterG3 has reinvented the CBRNE decision support system. We’ve integrated a vast database, comprehensive SOPs, and advanced analytics to answer tough “So What Does That Mean?” questions that no other system can match. With full capabilities on mil-spec handheld units, smartphones, laptops or web browser. HazMasterG3 is the only commercially available system that is both US Army Joint Battle Command Platform-Handheld (JBCP-H) compatible and is certified as a DHS approved product for homeland security.

HazMasterG3® delivers key insights and critical guidance for 156,000+ chemical agents (TICs, TIMs, CW agents), bio-weapon and bio-terror agents, and nearly 4X more radioactive isotopes as other legacy systems.

• ID broad range of agents via observed physical properties. Patented
signature library of 780,000+ attributes identifies materials in <3 seconds.
• ID unknown agents via observed medical signs and symptoms.
• ID chemical reactions. Virtually mix agents, model their chemical reactions.
• ID dual-use precursors; mix them and instantly model CWA formulations.
• Detector Wizard identifies appropriate detectors for a given CBRN agent.
• ID isotopes using HazMasterG3®’s advanced nuclide identification
capability, when used in conjunction with supported survey equipment.
• ID road, rail, and intermodal container hazards.
• Integrated military and civilian heat stress calculators.
• Comprehensive pre-planning capabilities.
• 200+ fields containing physical properties, working allowances, reactivity,
AEGLs, MEGs, LOCs, etc. makes HazMasterG3® the most comprehensive
mobile Chemical Agent Risk Assessment Tool (CARAT™) available.
• First aid recommendations for chemical, biological, and radiological events,
incorporating extensive, government accredited response guidance.
• Agent-specific chemical protective clothing, respirator recommendations,
graphical isolation guidance, health, reactivity hazards and much more.
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Handheld tablet configuration
(other configurations available)
Law Enforcement / Forensics
• HazMasterG3® lets you virtually mix chemical agents to model probable chemical reactions.
• Instantly ID an extremely broad range of dual-use precursors and their typical industrial uses/processes.
• Mix unlimited agents to predict probable dual-use precursor or home made explosives outcomes.
• Evidentiary-quality, date/time stamped accountability of all actions/decisions and operator comments.
• Clandestine lab identification tools.
Comprehensive IED/HME Capabilities
• 160+ IEDs and explosives – 3X more than other systems; easily handles complex IED threat scenarios, far
surpassing legacy civilian or military tactical decision aids.
• Mix ingredients to model explosive reactions, probable dual-use precursor outcomes, along with protective
actions and extensive response procedures for traditional explosives and so-called chemical bombs.
• Crater tool calculates amount of explosives used to create a given crater.
• Advanced breaching/disposal calculator for tactical operations.
• Mix ingredients to identify probable HME products and formulations.
• Calculate standoff and blast effects for simple or complex threats using civilian or military guidance.
• ID 7,000+ varieties of commercial/military detonators with integrated visual reference aids.
• Improvised trigger component identification for 11,000+ components and integral reachback capability.
• Visual ordnance identification for 5,000+ pieces of ordnance from over 70 countries world-wide.
• X-Ray, disrupter operations, shock tube, fuse and electronics calculators for tactical operations.
WMD / Military / Radiological / Biological / Nuclear Response
• HazMasterG3® is the only system capable of identifying unknowns, whether accidental or terrorism.
• Integrated Military Exposure Guidelines (MEGs) for contaminants and CW agents in air, water, and soil.
• Improvised Nuclear Device (IND) stand-off distances, stay-times and fatality calculator.
• Only DoD COE/JTA compliant mobile CBRNE decision support system available.
• Atomic mass, activity, emissions, decay chains, industrial uses, and risk levels.
• Isolation distance/dose/fallout/half-life graphical advisories with support for survey equipment inputs.
• Dosimetric specific signs/symptoms of radiological exposure, first aid and treatment recommendations.
• Comprehensive guidance for a broad range of bio-warfare and bio-terror agents.
• Sensitive site exploitation support for chemical formulations and lab identification.

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