Hash Oil Factory Explosion Injure Firefighters

An explosion in downtown Los Angeles injured 11 firefighters, with more than 230 sent to put out the blaze in what has been described as a factory making cannabis oil.

Captain Erik Scott of the Los Angeles fire department said “one significant explosion” shook the neighborhood and as first responders arrived they saw firefighters emerge from the building with burns and other injuries. 

Four firefighters were taken to a burns unit, two were put on ventilators due to signs of swollen airways and five were hospitalized suffering with a range of burns. The two firefighters on ventilators appeared to have inhaled superheated gases but as of around 10pm local time it seemed none of the injuries were life-threatening, said the fire department’s medical director, Marc Eckstein. 

Scott described the business as a maker of “butane honey oil.” Butane is a flammable gas. Making the oil involves extracting the high-inducing chemical THC from cannabis plants to create a highly potent concentrate also known as hash oil. The oil is used in vape pens, edibles, waxes and other products.


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