Hands-On Radiation Training Without Live Sources with Argon

In this case study from Argon, Ken Cochran, Radiological Specialist for the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) explains how the introduction of Argon's simulator-based technology enriched the agency’s hands-on training capability by enhancing the ability for trainees to actually “see” the manner in which radiation behaves and to experience the ease with which it can be successfully detected.

Argon's DT616-SIM Beta Gamma simulator probe and simulation sources have become vital equipment for TEMA in preparing trainees for any intentional act of violence.

Download the case study to discover the benefits of integrating Argon's simulator detector systems into an existing CBRN programme of instruction:

  • Enrich the CBRN training experience
  • Increase student learning, knowledge and retention
  • Ease the process for instructors
  • Improve student engagement and training
  • Provide valuable time and cost savings

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