Government Scientific Source awarded contract to support CARA

The CARA Mobile Expeditionary Laboratory deploys scientists to perform high-throughput chemical, explosives, and biological sample analysis to support Department of Defense combatant commanders, military installations, and support to U.S. civil authorities if requested. CARA has three mobile lab packages: a Light Mobile Expeditionary Lab, or LMEL, a Heavy Mobile Expeditionary Lab, or HMEL, and a Chemical Air Monitoring System, or CAMS, platform. LMEL, HMEL, and CAMS deploy to support Weapons of Mass Destruction elimination and remediation efforts in a forward deployed area.

Upon mission notification and requirements determination by the 20th Support Command (CBRNE) Operations Center, CARA responds with appropriate systems to meet specific mission requirements. Either LMEL, HMEL, and/or CAMS will deploy to identify and characterize chemical warfare agents, explosives and biological warfare agents in support of WMD elimination and remediation efforts in a forward deployed area or within the continental United States. The platforms may be employed in the full spectrum of military environments from an operating base in which host country military and law enforcement agencies have control (permissive environments) to a forward operating base in a hostile environment in which the U.S. is conducting offensive combat operations without the permission of the \"host\" country (non-permissive environments).

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