German police arrest man suspected of planning chemical attack

On Sunday January 8th, news emerged that police in Germany had arrested a 32 year old Iranian man on suspicion of planning a terrorist act. 

The man was arrested at his flat shortly before midnight on Saturday in the town of Castrop-Rauxel, close to Dortmund in western Germany. The arrest followed a tip-off from a foreign intelligence agency that the man had obtained toxins, including cyanide and ricin, with which he planned to carry out a terror attack. The man's brother was also detained, yet it is unclear at present if he was involved in the plot. 

A decontamination unit of officers and scientists from the Robert Koch Institute, as well as a detonation unit, accompanied the operation. According to a spokesperson for Düsseldorf’s state prosecutor, no dangerous substances were found in the flat.

The man is not believed to have been acting on behalf of the Iranian state, German security sources told the news agency DPA, who described him as being a supporter of a “Sunni Islamistic terror group”.

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