GeoVax Announces 100% Protection Data from Marburg Virus Vaccine Study

GeoVax Labs, Inc.has announced positive results (100% protection) from preclinical challenge studies of its Marburg virus vaccine candidate; Marburg virus a critical medical threat against which there is currently no available vaccine or treatment. This study data adds to that showing similar efficacy previously reported for  GeoVax’s Ebola and Lassa Fever vaccines

In this study, GeoVax’s Marburg vaccine (GEO-EM05) was administered by intramuscular (IM) inoculations to guinea pigs, with a control group receiving saline injections. Eight weeks after inoculation, animals in each group were exposed to a lethal dose of Marburg virus (MARV). Within 8 days post-challenge, all animals in the control group had developed moribund conditions and had to be euthanized. At the conclusion of the study (21 days post-challenge), all vaccinated animals survived, with no weight loss or other health issues. The study was conducted in collaboration with researchers at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (UTMB).

GEO-EM05 is based on the Company’s novel Modified Vaccinia Ankara (MVA) Virus-Like Particle (VLP) platform, which generates noninfectious VLPs in the individual being vaccinated. VLPs mimic a natural infection, triggering the body to produce a robust and durable immune response with both antibodies and T cells.

Farshad Guirakhoo, Ph.D., GeoVax’s Chief Scientific Officer, commented, “We are highly encouraged by the results of this study, particularly as it adds to the excellent results observed in studies for our vaccines against Ebola and Lassa, two other hemorrhagic fever viruses highly lethal to humans. There is a significant need for safe, effective vaccines against the various hemorrhagic fever viruses, and we are committed to advancing preventive vaccines against these infectious disease threats to world health.”

Alexander Bukreyev, Ph.D., Professor, Departments of Pathology and Microbiology & Immunology, Galveston National Laboratory at UTMB, commented, “We are very pleased to see the MVA-VLP-MARV vaccine (GEO-EM05) conferred full protection in our guinea pig lethal challenge model.”

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