French Fire Fighters Trained With Hotzone Solutions

French Fire Fighters Trained With Hotzone Solutions' New Generation of Chemical Warfare Agent Simulants

From 25 to 29 March 2013, two instructors from Hotzone Solutions (HZS) provided assistance to the Centre d’expertise Sécurité Nucléaire – Nucléaire, radiologique, biologique et chimique (CE-SN-NRBC) during a training course conducted at Airbase 120, Cazaux, France.

The training course, which was attended by some 13 fire fighters, consisted of theoretical modules and a series of practical exercises, two of which included scenarios dealing with chemical and biological threats.

Hotzone Solutions’ new generation of chemical warfare agent simulants were used during the training. Hotzone Solutions instructors provided training on how to use HZS simulants, prepared or contributed to the preparation of indoor and outdoor practical exercises, and tested the proposed scenarios together with the instructors of the CE-SN-NRBC.

Tags: Threat, Chemical, Biological, Warfare

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