First Line Technology Announces AmbuBus QRT

First Line Technology (FLT), the manufacturer of the AmbuBus™ Conversion Kit that converts any school or metro bus into a multiple patient transport that can carry up to 24 patients, announces the release of the AmbuBus QRT Quick Response Transport (QRT)™. The AmbuBus QRT Conversion Kit™ is purpose-built for tactical military or law enforcement situations where a single ambulance is not enough and having multiple ambulances on a scene is not safe or practical.  

With only one AmbuBus QRT Conversion Kit, one person can convert an existing Sprinter style van into an ambulance capable of safely transporting six stretchers and IVs along with an operator and their medical support equipment.

The sturdy powder-coated structural steel frame of the QRT will easily fit into all 170-inch wheelbase Sprinters and Ford Transit Vans Two. This includes armored variants of these vehicles. Unlike ambulances which attract attention, the QRT appears to be a typical delivery vehicle for discrete medical transport in conflict areas.

It can also be used to transfer patients from nursing homes and hospitals due to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The QRT™ comes in handy in other situations such as medical transport of homebound patients during natural disasters, active shooter incidents and small-scale medical evacuations.

The Ambu-QRT Conversion Kit weighs only 150 pounds but when assembled inside a vehicle can carry patients and medical equipment with a total weight of 2,000 pounds.

The adjustable frame of the QRT has a maximum assembled dimension of (LWH) 81.238” by 59.649” by 72.119”. The frame adjusts in two-inch increments to fit the dimensions of the preferred van. The frame is powdered coated structural steel and is manufactured entirely in the United States. The frame is magnetic for integration with portable medical accessories.

The AmbuBus QRT is compatible with the AmbuStretcher made by FLT as well as most standard and oversized NATO stretchers and backboards. The frame can stack one, two, or three patients on each side of the vehicle with room for the medic to triage and treat the patients. The individual stretcher heights can easily be adjusted by one person without using any tools.

The AmbuBus QRT is delivered in a stackable crate and once assembled, the frame can be folded and returned to the crate for easy storage,

According to Amit Kapoor, the President and CEO of First Line Technology, “The AmbuBus QRT was developed in direct response to our customers who needed a purpose-built vehicle to provide immediate medical care and transport to soldiers and law enforcement officers injured in the line of duty. We’re proud to be able to support those people who put their lives at risk to keep us safe.”

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