Finding my direction

Berkley Nucleonics make major changes to their SAMpack 120 with the latest feature - directionality!

Berkeley Nucleonics offers isotope identification backpacks (backpack radiation detectors) for clandestine monitoring of gamma and neutron radiation. The RD-120 Series SAMpack can be customized to specific applications with a variety of detector and networking options. Low power drain allows for many hours of uninterrupted monitoring. New multi-detector algorithms provide directionality to the user, enabling faster localization of nuclear sources. See here for an illustration of their Rad-Compass.

Additional user software may be integrated to allow fast and automatic data transmission to reachback centers. Alarming options include both local alarms (on the smart phone app) and in stand off locations. One example - the user may use the backpack to zero in on the likely cause of the alarm, take one or more pictures of the area with a Smartphone, and send those pictures back to the Command Center to supplement the data transmitted automatically by the backpack. The RD-120 SAMpack Radiation Detection system can also continuously transmit a GPS location along with corresponding radiation levels and energy spectrum.

The SAMpack now has: Two (2) Large NaI Detectors, Left vs Right Mode, Isotope Identification in Real-Time, Free Automatic Software Updates

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