FEMA CBRN: Celebrating 10 Years of Preparedness Through Partnerships

On Wednesday, July 17th, 2019 FEMA is holding a FREE event to celebrate the rollout of the CBRNResponder Network and 10 years of CBRN Office partnerships to keep our nation safe.

Program highlights:

  • The rollout of the CBRNResponder Network: the CBRN Office initiative that is building a national standard to help responders and emergency operations decisionmakers get the real-time data they need
  • Building Resilience for the 21st Century: a look ahead at how FEMA and the Nation are building a new paradigm
  • CBRN Making a Difference: federal, state, and local partners discuss how they are using CBRN resources to make a difference
  • Exclusive CBRNResponder Preview: explore the interface and how other CBRN Office teams, tools, and technology can support your mission


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