Environics lands a brace

Firstly Environics landed a major order from the Finnish MoD for CBRUGs. Chemical, Biological and Radiological Unattended Ground Sensors (CBRUGS) is worth 3.8 million Euros and will detect chemical (TIC, CWA) and biological agents as well as radiation. Different type of sensors are combined with a weather station and DC power supply equipment form a field deployable unattended CBRN Measuring Unit. Each Measuring Unit will transfer its data via radio communication system to the Command Post Control Computer.

Secondly Environics also managed to further a couple of recce contracts. They reached agreement with Turkish special vehicle supplier FNSS on cooperating with them on a CBRN reconnaissance vehicle development based on FNSS’s PARS 8x8 vehicle for the Malaysian Armed Forces within the scope of their 8x8 Armored Wheeled Vehicle project. Environics will deliver a complete CBRN reconnaissance systems to FNSS to integrated into their PARS 8x8 vehicle. They also received a new purchase order for two CBRN reconnaissance vehicles from Loew Brant Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based supplier for high-quality products for defense industry in Asia. Environics will integrate complete CBRN Reconnaissance Systems including Environics’ core sensor technology, third-party analyzers and even personal decontamination showers to MB Sprinter platform. Deliveries to the end user, Indonesian Army, will take place at the end of this year.

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