ENCIRCLE Project Poll

As part of the European Commission project ENCIRCLE we are currently going through the CBRNe needs and gaps prioritisation process which will be an input for the CBRN topics for the H2020 Security Call next year and would like to encourage our European readers to provide your views.

The poll can be found here www.sli.do  and all results are anonymous. Just enter the event code P026 and you will find 10 multiple choice questions covering:

    • Risk assessment and reduction
    • Protection
    • Search and Detection
    • Identification and Authentication
    • Situation awareness and assessment
    • Intervention and neutralisation
    • Crisis Operations
    • Communications
    • Decontamination and depollution

All the topics have come from workshops involving end-users and practitioners in civil protection and from other sources such as the IFAFRI protection requirements.

The poll will be open until the 27th November and then we will have a review with DG HOME to agree a down selection for the call topics for next year

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