Emergency drills in Zaporizhzhia

It has been reported that on Wednesday August 17th, officials in the city of Zaporizhzhia were holding emergency drills to prepare for a disater at the nuclear plant with the same name, some 30 miles away from the city. 

This was a full scale practical exercise with response personnell in full PPE, and volunteers playing victims. The BBC were invited to the exercise by the governement, and documented their experience https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-62579154

The drills come on the back of claims from both sides about false flag operations that will blame the other for some sort of incident. or full out disaster, at the nuclear plant. The situation there is of great concern at present, reports are coming out of the staff being under constant duress, with guns pointed at them the entire time.

Some members of staff have apparently manged to get text messages out and these have raised concern even further, they have spoken about the Russian occupiers being in the process of severing the plant from Ukrainian power supplies and reconnecting it to Russian supplies in Crimea. Reports say they have currently severed 2 of the 3 power lines to the plant, and once the third is severed the plant will need to rely on diesel generators until supply from Crimea is restored. A risky move in a war torn area, where supplies of diesel may not be able to reach the plant!


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