Elmon Release CBRN Suit

Elmon  is a leading manufacture of Ballistic (bulletproof) protection. For the last five years Elmon have been working on developing and adding CBRN suits to be included with its products, and are proud about the launching their very own CBRN protection suite with respirator, boots  and gloves, manufactured in Athens, Greece.

The suit is compliant to NATO, EN, ISO and Finabel standards and Elmon is now supplying CBRN suits in over 30 different countries. 

A press release from Elmon states "Our suit offers improved protection against Mustard and soman agents. Its design is Breathable. Causing less air resistance. Lined with HIGH quality encapsulated active carbon. Also, the CBRN suit is Washable and has a Storage life of 20 years.Our amazing team of R&D has also designed the CBRN suite so that it can be Effective and user friendly in warm climates and ensuring that the end user has Protection against all type of contaminants, (vapour, liquid, aerosol, drops, solids). The ultra-lightweight designed suite also gives the end user Unassisted donning on and doffing capabilities again making it easier for them to carry out their duties. The design is Durable and able to withstand rigorous activities with Taped seams, elastic wrist and ankles. And as we are the manufacture, we have the capability to design the suit in any pattern or colour so whether you are Military in camouflage or a police officer or CTU unit in Black or blue. The fabric is easy to decontaminate is also hot gas tolerant Flame, heat, oil and fungus resistant."

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