DSTL raises awareness of CDE Call

The Centre for Defence Enterprise is a mechanism by which companies can bid novel ideas into DSTL, and there is £2 million available.

The Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) has announced the availability of funding worth around £2 million for industry and academia to get involved with the UK’s chemical, biological and radiological (CBR) programme.

Dstl is seeking innovative ideas relevant to any aspect of the CBR field, such as detection and protection or medical countermeasures. These ideas would support UK policy, to maintain political and military freedom of action despite the presence, threat, or use of chemical, biological or radiological weapons and could also work towards further developing and delivering against the CBR programme.

Mark Fulop, Programme Manager for CBR, Dstl says: “The expertise of academia and industry is vital for the success of Dstl’s CBR programme of work. Over the next few years an increasing share of the science and technology programme will be let externally, and we are excited about engaging further with industry to deliver against the programme.”

The funding will be available over the course of the next year and can be accessed directly through Dstl, via specific contracting announcements, or through open and themed competitions with Dstl’s Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) Here.

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