Dräger and Findlay All Hazards announce safety training collaboration

“As a nationwide leader in safety training, Findlay All Hazards is perfectly aligned with Dräger’s mission to advance safety in the workplace,” said Lothar Thielen, President and Regional CEO, Dräger North America. “Our expertise in this field includes hazmat response to spills, personal protective equipment (PPE), decontamination (Decon) practices, and confined space operations.”

Dräger will provide a wide range of industrial safety and first-responder equipment for Findlay's hands-on instructional programs. Dräger will also provide assistance with training videos and safety materials, and will keep Findlay All Hazards abreast of emerging safety technologies.

Dräger supports the energy, chemical, fire service and mining industries worldwide, as well as U.S. military and government applications for domestic preparedness with a comprehensive range of safety products including air supply systems, gas monitoring technology, gas-tight suits, and other personal protective equipment.

Findlay All Hazards and the Environmental Safety and Occupational Health degree programs (ESOH) function cooperatively as separate entities within The University of Findlay. Serving a wide range of North American industries, Findlay has provided on-site, customized training in safety and security since 1986. During that time, Findlay has trained over a quarter-million people in OSHA Safety Standards, Emergency Response and Management, hazardous material transportation, environmental regulations, Maritime Security, and more.

“We trained about 11,000 professionals last year, both at their workplaces and in our workshops here in Findlay,” said Randy Van Dyne, Executive Director at Findlay All Hazards. “All of them want to use the latest equipment when they learn. We’re excited to work with Dräger to help us meet that need.”

UF’s ESOH program prepares undergraduate and graduate students for careers in corporate and public-sector safety, emergency and environmental management. UF ESOH shares many facilities with Findlay All Hazards, such as a five-acre multi-station training site. “Experiential learning is a key component of the ESOH program,” said Van Dyne. “Using Dräger’s full line of safety equipment and monitoring devices will provide hands-on learning opportunities that realistically represent what the students will deal with when they enter the workforce.“

For more information, contact Randy Van Dyne (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or visit findlayallhazards.com and draeger.com.

For more information about Dräger safety solutions, go to www.draeger.com/fire.

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