DQE help healthcare workers prepare for Ebola

DQE, who have recently been in the news rationing tychem suits, announced further preparation now for what's next...

DQE previously announced that they would only sell their PPE to healthcare workers, rather than members of the public or other worried well.

“The SafePaq blood and virus protection kit has been our best selling product for the past two weeks,” says DQE president Tony Baumgartner. “We have been answering calls non-stop and helping our customers prepare for an infectious event. These are the types of events that we plan for and DQE is continually updating its supplies to support the evolving CDC standards.” The SafePaq provides coveralls that meet ASTM F1670/F1671 Standards for blood and viral penetration resistance. Its contents provide a foundation of protection against a wide range of fluid and viral threats and have applications in healthcare settings as well as with emergency responders who may encounter a patient with an infectious disease.
“Another product we carry that has a significant application to waste management during an infectious outbreak is the Sani-Bag+,” says Baumgartner. The Sani-Bag+ is used, removed, sealed, and disposed of without the caregiver having direct contact with the waste, therefore eliminating the possibility of cross contamination from infectious microbes.

With hospitals worried about contamination control there is no doubt that products such as Sani Bag+ will be in continued demand.

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