DQE Adds NanoBio Protect Nasal Antiseptic to Infection Control Protection Line

DQE, partnering with BlueWillow Biologics, is now the healthcare and public safety distributor of the patented NanoBio Protect nasal antiseptic solution.

Healthcare and public safety workers are in constant contact withunknown pathogens out in our community, including COVID-19. Actions like frequent handwashing, wearing aprotective mask, and using hand sanitizers are all important infection control practices that add layers ofprotection to prevent illness. The nose is a key entry point for most respiratory infections, so using a nasalantiseptic adds another layer of safety. Applied with a cotton nasal swab to the skin inside and around the nose,NanoBio Protect kills germs on contact and continues to kill germs for 4+ hours after application.

Moisturizing and non-irritating NanoBio Protect is safe for everyday use. NanoBio Protect’s active ingredient isMoisturizing and non-irritating NanoBio Protect is safe for everyday use. NanoBio Protect’s active ingredient isbenzalkonium chloride (BZK), a topical antiseptic approved by the FDA that has been safely used in over-thecounterantiseptic products for more than 75 years. NanoBio Protect’s patented nanotechnology places the BZKantiseptic on nano-droplets that are small enough to reach germs that hide in layers of skin, but big enough tonot be absorbed through the skin into the body. Unlike other nasal sanitizers, NanoBio Protect is alcohol-free, soit does not dry out skin, which leads to irritation and cracking that can allow germs to enter.

Use NanoBio Protect every 4–8 hours, as needed, in combination with other common protective measures,including handwashing, wearing a mask, and social distancing. Wearers include doctors, EMS professionals,firefighters, janitorial staff, nurses, retail clerks, teachers, and anyone who wants an extra layer of infectioncontrol protection. NanoBio Protect is available for purchase at www.dqeready.com/NanoBioProtect

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