DHS Prepare Scientists to Testify in Nuclear Smuggling Cases

The successful prosecution of nuclear smuggling cases often hinges on technical evidence and the ability of experts to convey this highly scientific evidence in court. As part of this issue the DHS Domestic Nuclear Detection Office recently took part in the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism workshop, “Presenting Nuclear Forensic Findings in Court,” in Germany.

The DHS delivered a presentation about planning for a national educational program to prepare scientists to serve as effective expert witnesses in cases of nuclear smuggling.
DHS’s nuclear forensic educational awareness program enables scientist participants will have the opportunity to practice their skills using a fictional set of nuclear forensic case materials. The program covers every step a scientist would take in preparation for an actual court appearance and will conclude in a mock trial. Expert feedback and lessons learned provide participants with a set of technical and communication skills that will be invaluable should they serve as nuclear forensic witnesses in a real court setting.

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