DetectaChem to Launch COVID-19 Smartphone Testing Kit

DetectaChem, the world leader in innovative portable detection technologies, is preparing to launch a ground-breaking new COVID-19 (Coronavirus) testing solution utilizing automated smartphone detection and reporting. This solution enables actionable infection result data reports anytime, anywhere, and has been pre approved by the FDA for EUA

The test kits will utilize DetectaChem’s MobileDetect pouch technology, which allows a customer to use their own smartphone device to analyze a sample collected with the test kit, will provide lab validated detection results in 8 simpl steps, and deliver accurate results in 10-30 minutes.

Users will also be able to streamline communication with medical care providers for immediate instructions on how to proceed. This reporting function will also allow for proactive medical care information regarding incoming COVID-19 patient infections enabling proper allocation of life-saving equipment, such as ventilators in advance.

To find out more click here to vist DetectaChem's website.

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