Deployable biological field laboratory for NATO

Further to the agreement signed with NSPA (NATO Support and Procurement Agency), IBATECH Tecnología has supplied a BSL-3 mobile laboratory designed specifically for the detection of anthrax. The project will test samples of land potentially contaminated with anthrax, with the aim to strengthen the customer nation’s CBRN capabilities and mitigate risk posed by hazardous biological agents.

The BSL-3 lab has been built to fit into a 20ft ISO container in order to enable effective transportation and deployment. The lab has been fitted with a stand-alone energy unit and, jacks for loading/ offloading, a HEPA filter and pressure system, climate control, and decontamination equipment.

This mobile laboratory will be able to safely prepare, analyze and transport anthrax-contaminated soil samples and perform fast, effective detection of anthrax using polymerase chain reaction technology.
Other project features include the provision of consumables needed for biological agent detection in soil samples including protective clothing and lab accessories and also work procedure guidelines for remediating contaminated soil.

IBATECH CEO, Joaquin Baumela, said of the project \"(it) is relevant at a European level in the field of CBRN as it offers an integrated solution for sampling, detecting, identifying and decontaminating anthrax-infected land. Thanks to the trust placed by NSPA in us and our experience in the military biological field, we have been able to develop a fully equipped BSL-3 lab together with enough reagents and consumables to perform 1,500 anthrax detection and identification field tests so we can draw up a map of contaminated land.”

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