DARPA announce the Accelerated Molecular Discovery (AMD) program

The program calls for teams of researchers to develop AI-based, closed-loop systems that automatically extract existing chemistry data from databases and text, perform autonomous experimental measurement and optimization, and use computational approaches to develop physics-based representations and predictive tools.

AMD performers will develop tools, models, and experimental capabilities to rapidly design, validate, and optimize molecules. Government partners will evaluate performer developments and test their ability to identify new molecules with specific combinations of functional properties that may be relevant to specific DoD application requirements.

“There are currently around 140 million known molecules, but the space of potential molecules is vastly larger than that, upwards of 1060,” Fischer said. “In DARPA’s Make-It program, we’ve developed advanced ways to efficiently synthesize known molecules. AMD is taking the next step, where we will rapidly be able to explore the unknown molecular universe to design and produce completely new molecules with specific desired functions.”

The AMD program seeks expertise in chemistry and chemical engineering, computer science, AI/machine learning, and mathematics. A Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) solicitation with full details is available on FedBizOpps here: http://go.usa.gov/3W53j

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