D4H Announces the [D4H]™ Hazmat Edition

[D4H]™ Hazmat Edition is specialized for hazardous material incidents

[D4H]™ Hazmat Edition is specialized for hazardous material incidents at industrial facilities, railroads, highways, waterborne, pipelines, ports, aircraft, and clandestine labs including explosives, pharmaceuticals, narcotics, fuels, alcohol distillation, and weapons of mass destruction. Whether spilled or just threatening release; reacting, burning, over-pressurized or an actual explosion - you can now document all materials involved and their behavior within your [D4H]™ incident report.

[D4H]™ Hazmat Edition includes a pre-loaded database of over 700 of the most common chemicals with auto-completion based on chemical name and CAS numbers. The software allows you to analyze the frequency of hazards to help with decisions in equipment procurement and training by recording chemical formulas, UN numbers, explosive limits (LEL/UEL), flash points, IDLH, ionization, molar mass, specific gravity, solubility, boiling point, and vapor pressure. Please visit [D4H]™ Hazmat Edition for more information.

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