Czech Mayors in Hiding Due to Mystery Russian Poison Plot

Three Czech political figures have gone into hiding after it was believed they were being targeted by a Russian assasin in retaliation for affronts to Moscow. 

It was reported that a Russian man had entered Prague a few weeks ago with an unspecified quantity of ricin in his suitcase, intent on using it against a number of public figures in the Czech Republic. The man was apparently  picked up by a car bearing Russian diplomatic plates and taken to the Russian embassy, not far from one of the suspected targets office. 

After the story was published in Czech magazine Respect, it soon became public knowledge that three Czech citizens, Prague’s Mayor Zdenek Hrib, Prague 6th District Mayor Ondrej Kolar, and political analyst Pavel Novotny, have actually been under police protection since early April due to the threat. The claims of the plot to poison has been categorically denied by Moscow. 

The exact reasons for the alleged plot are unknown, but it is believed it is related to actions by the men seen as anti-Kremlin. A statue of a Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev was recently removed, and a square in front of the Russian embassy in Prague was renamed the square after Boris Nemtsov, the outspoken critic of Vladimir Putin, who was was assassinated in 2015. It is suggested that these actions provocated Russian into action. 

The information for the story in Respect magazine has been called scarcely sourced, unverified, and unfactual. However, one must think there has to be something to it if 3 people are under 24 hour police guard. 


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