CSB Releases New Free Online Safety Training Application for Hazardous Chemicals

The PSM standard outlines requirements for the management of hazards associated with highly hazardous chemicals. The training covers all 14 elements of PSM using the 2005 explosion as a model.

The desktop training application is available for download HERE. The application recreates the details of the Texas City refinery and takes the viewer through interactive training modules on each element of PSM. At the end of each module there is an opportunity to test your knowledge.

CSB Interim Executive Steve Owens said, “This is a new and innovative way for the CSB to present safety information to industry. We are excited to provide this new tool and learn how to make this new application even more useful to industry as people try it out.”

The CSB’s investigation into the 2005 explosion and fire explosion at BP Texas City that killed 15 and injured 180 was the most serious refinery accident ever investigated by the CSB. The CSB’s final investigative report into the incident, released in 2007, found organizational and safety deficiencies at all levels of the BP Corporation. 

The CSB has previously released several safety videos on the incident, which are available on the CSB’s YouTube channel.

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