Couple of nuggets from Global Biodefence

Bits and pieces that caught my eye

Another feed that is worth subscribing to is Steph Lizotte's Global Biodefence, and you can subscribe here. One of them is John Hopkins releasing their open source biosurveillance tool here. Biosurveillance is certainly the zeitgeist for the past few years, with a number of US federal agencies working on it, as well as European and other international agencies, all these budgets and egos have resulted in a fair bit of duplication. Hopefully if JHU can get some traction behind it there can be some consolidation in the market. The other was a sole source contract between the FBI WMD Directorate and Life Technologies Corp, for their AmpFLSTR Yfiler PCR amplification kit, AmpFLSTR Identifiler Plus PCR amplification kit, and a Quantifiler Duo DNA quantification kit. The Fedbizops reference (here) states that this is for Nuclear DNA examination of forensic evidence in pursuit of counter terrorist objectives. Life Technologies seems to be making inroads into the counter terrorist application of their kit...

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