Coriolis Micro Air Sampler Currently Used in Asia to Collect Coronavirus Samples

Coriolis µ is an innovative biological air sampler for bio-contamination assessment, mainly dedicated to air quality control and air quality monitoring in environmental and pollution research, the pharmaceutical, food and veterinary industries, in biomedical and health environments, and so on. Based on a cyclonic technology, combined with a high air flow rate, Coriolis μ offers the most efficient particle collection in 10 minutes. Biological particles such as toxins, viruses, bacteria, molds, pollens and spores are collected and concentrated in a liquid ready to be analyzed with microbiological and cellular and molecular biology methods.

Helping labs worldwide to analyze live samples & develop tests, drugs & vaccines. With Coriolis, collect all types of micro-organisms in the air to assure efficient measures of the emerging infection & get immediate results, collect viable virus & bacteria, use both indoor & outdoor.

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