Convergence 2020 - We're Going Virtual

Falcon Communications is hugely saddened to announce that we are not going to be able to deliver CBRNe Convergence in person this year. We had hoped that since Massachusetts had been doing an excellent job in containing the virus, and with Convergence still three months away, that there was a good chance that the event would be able to go ahead with the social restrictions that we are now used to. Sadly the recent announcement from Gov. Baker,, shattered those hopes and left us with no chance of being able to deliver the event in person.

All delegates and exhibitors will be contacted directly and have their options explained to them.

We are now going to deliver a series of virtual events over the next eight months, that will bring together our usual brand of international experts to help raise standards of CBRNe defence across the world. This will include “Bitesize Boston” which will replace CBRNe Convergence and take place over the 1-4 December 2020. The eagle eyed amongst you will notice that this is now going to be a four, rather than two day event. We firmly believe that you cannot map live events straight onto virtual ones; no-one is going to sit down and listen to a conference for eight hours a day. Instead by breaking it up into bitesized chunks we will keep people engaged but also allow them to get on with the rest of their work.

In addition to the virtual conference we are going to run a series of smaller virtual workshops. We will have the first one of these in October and then we’ll run them throughout 2021. We are still finalising dates and topics, but currently this is what we have planned.  

  • I dream of ANFO – Beirut, West and Toulouse ammonium nitrate explosions
  • Future of Syria – What is the likely future of chemical weapons in Syria
  • A rose by any other name… What CBRN lessons can we take from Covid
  • Future of State conflict and CBRN
  • Evidence never lies… – CBRN forensics
  • Future of decon
  • It’s worse than that, he’s dead, Jim – mass fatality events
  • Future of drones and CBRN

These will be led by three experts in their field, and end with a panel discussion between them and the audience. Participation will be encouraged and rewarded!

We are fully expecting to be able to welcome you to CBRNe Convergence 2021 in Orlando, 2-4 November. We will also be working with Milipol Asia Pacific ’21 in Singapore, April 6-8. Singapore has had a ‘good’ Covid, and we are confident will be one of the first countries to open up. 

It is going to be a tough time for Falcon Communications until we get to into second quarter 2021, we ask for your patience and support as we navigate them.

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