Confirmation of Schoolgirl poisoning

The Afghan Ministry of Public Health confirmed that the many attacks on schoolgirls in Afghanistan had been through some form of organophosphate – and not mass hysteria as some suggested. Blood tests taken from a range of individuals in the attacks, which now span over two years, confirmed traces in ten of the incidents. Secretary of State Clinton came out with a statement of concern over these attacks on innocent students – linking them to other forms of violence against schoolgirls (which the Taliban are against on principal). HealDespite this, and some media coverage, there has been no group coming forward, not any further information on the dissemination method. Since shyness is not necessarily a trait associated with many of these groups (and they have claimed responsibility for other forms of violence, such as acid, against schoolgirls) the thought has to be that it is the work of a smaller, less organised, group or individual.

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