Concerning news from the Consulate General of Spain in Shanghai

Yesterday, the Consulate General of Spain in Shanghai posted a notice on thier website containing some concerning news about the invlountary hospitalisation of foreign citizens living and/or arriving in China that have been vaccinated or overcome Covid in recent months. 

The full release, and link to the website is below.

In recent weeks, and without any official communication from the Chinese authorities, foreign citizens residing in China and vaccinated with the Chinese vaccine or foreign vaccines, and / or having overcome COVID 19 in previous months and subsequently vaccinated, are being hospitalized. , in a non-consensual or voluntary manner, for 3 or 4 days upon arrival in China PR.

At the airport upon arrival they do blood tests and if the antibody test is higher than a figure established by the health authorities, as a result of the vaccination, they make them sign documents in Chinese without translation into English and admitted to a hospital .

In the hospital they do more blood tests and PCR, as well as chest MRI and some additional invasive test, the results of which are neither given nor informed. They limit themselves to asking for cooperation for 3-4 days.

In the hospital, you have to pay only for WeChat for toilet paper, towels, any sanitary products you need, as well as bottled water. They do not accept payment in cash or by credit card.

The Shanghai Municipality Foreign Affairs Office does not reply to the Notes Verbales it receives, nor does it provide a telephone response, as is customary.

Neither the people admitted nor the Consulates General in Shanghai have been informed of this surprising and unethical practice nor of the minimum antibody level set. It is also not known how they select these people.

If you are going to return to PR China in the coming weeks, the Consulate General asks you to take into account all this information, do not sign documents that you do not understand, use a translator on your mobile to understand what you are signing and take a photo before handing them in, as they will not give you a copy.

This Consulate General, the Embassy in Beijing and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as the Delegation of the European Union in Beijing, are taking steps to stop this practice immediately.

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