Cobra's World Cup Picture

CoBRA software was deployed across Brazil with the support of CTEX – Army Technology Center (Centro Tecnologico do Exercito). CoBRA’s client (laptop)-based software and web-based platform were used by soldiers and security personnel to exercise the following capabilities:

• Track real-time location of undercover security elements equipped with handheld sensors
• Gather real-time remote GPS-tagged photographs
• Generate and collate real-time operation logs for all participating security elements
• Gather and collate real-time GPS-tagged sensor readings (mobile and fixed site)
• Display all data in real time on a single map, accessible anywhere
• Archive all data and provide export to common file formats (Excel, Google Earth)
• Provide real-time alarms based on multiple chemical, radiological and weather sensor readings
• Provide all response plans, databases, checklists, responder data and after action report tools.

\"During the World Cup, all stadiums were monitored using CoBRA software; by the Army in ten cities and Navy in two cities. The flexibility of CoBRA provided us with the capability to monitor our CBRN sensor networks and deployed response teams at local Command and Control centers as well as National C2 center in Brasília. This provided real time information about the largest CBRN defense operation ever deployed by the Brazilian MoD,\" said Cel Paulo Malizia, Chefe da Divisão de Defesa QBN, Centro Tecnológico do Exército

CoBRA enhanced Brazil’s ability to achieve a true Common Operating Picture, and allowed the Emergency Operations Center to view all sensors and resources on a single map and dashboard, across multiple venues simultaneously.

In 2014, CoBRA released the web based Ability to Survive and Operate (ATSO) Toolset. Initially designed for Military Installations to respond and recover after an attack or natural disaster, this powerful web-based toolset also meets the needs of civilian first responders when dealing with incidents such as active shooter, hazmat spill, bomb threat, campus security, and major storm restoration of operations.

ATSO allows users to create colour coded “zones” within an area, from school campus, to sports stadium, to military installation. ATSO facilitates dispatching and tracking of response teams to survey and clear those zones. ATSO can be used for Operational Readiness Exercises and Inspections. All existing and new CoBRA customers who utilize the CoBRA Collaboration platform will receive this upgraded set of tools as part of the standard client/web application solution at no additional charge.

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