CBRNe World become media partner for SISPAT 2012.

CBRNe World is proud to announce that they have become the official media partner for Singapore's dedicated CBRN event. \"We have worked closely with SISPAT for the past few editions,\" said Gwyn Winfield, Editor of CBRNe World, \"so it made sense to partner with Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd and the rest of the SISPAT team to help raise awareness of the event.\"

SISPAT is entirely dedicated to CBRNE, and takes place once every three years. It brings together both the scientific experts and CBRNE Commanders from the region in a twofold event: SISPAT the scientific part and ICOC the user side. \"This combination has worked well in previous years,\" stated Mr Winfield, \"it allows an interesting mix of presentations and allows a full, and sometimes frank, exchange of views between the two communities - which stops them being too focused on only their problems. It traditionally culminates in an exercise that allows delegates to see the Singaporean military CBRE forces, which are not only the best in the region, but some of the best in the world,\" he concluded.

The 7th SISPAT / 3rd ICOC runs from the 4th – 7th December 2012, Singapore. For more information go to http://www.sispat.com

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