CBRNE art for 2017

What type of artists should we be looking at for 2017?

We have had lots of compliments for the various artwork that we have commissioned in 2016, are starting to look out to 2017 and want to know what you think! This year we had:
February - Polonium - Nick Spender
April - Anthrax - Shawn Coss
June - Sarin - Guo-Shau Chung
August - Radiological agents - Cathrine Langwagen
October - Toxins - Emily Puckett
December - TATP - Abigail Harding

We are interested in who you enjoyed the most, and which artists you might like to see again?

We are also looking at new artists and have a range of potentials including Jim Mahfood Jung Shan Ink Jon Goff Megan Hutchinson Dave Crosland Justin Orr and Buzz. We are not going to do six illustrated covers next year as it makes my head hurt to think up new ideas, instead we'll be back to two or three BUT we really want to hear which artists you like and what topics/ideas/agents you want us to cover. Please either comment below or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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