CBRN proves its innovation!

Thomson Reuters published its leaders in global innovation and CBRN makes the cut!

Thomson Reuters gathers together and analyses data from Thomson Reuters Derwent World Patents Index, Derwent Patents Citation Index and the Quadrilateral Patent Index as well as the Thomson Innovation and IP Intelligence frameworks and uses the following matrix to ascertain their innovators: success; global; influence; volume. Many of the leading companies were the ones you expect Qualcomm, Raytheon, Renault but also some of the lesser known companies Sandvik, Solvay or Xilinix but also there were the US Departments of the Army and (independtly) the US Navy (no USAF!). When you drilled down into the US Army patent portfolio there was one name that should be familiar to anyone involved in CBRN research: ECBC's Jose-Luis Sagripanti. Jose Luis has written for us on a number of occasions and is a cornerstone of CBRN research, we tip our hat to him and say 'Congratulations!'

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