CBRN Fuchs to be upgraded

The British Armey fleet of CBRN Reconnaisance FUCHS vehicles are set to receive another upgrade. 

The contract, worth £16 million, has been awared to Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land (RBSL) to upgrade and sustain both the vehicles and training simulator.

Under the contract, RBSL will address obsolescence issues in the vehicles, as well as upgrade the system with the latest generation of sensing capabilities.

Contracted work is expected to improve the ability of the vehicles to detect CBRN threats. It will also support operational readiness, as well as improve interoperability of the fleet with several of the UK’s Nato partners.

UK Minister for the Armed Forces James Heappey, said: “With the military landscape rapidly changing, it has never been more important to develop our capabilities and continue to strive for innovation and adaptability.

Col Tim Chapman, Assistant Head Counter-CBRN Army HQ, said: “The Army, on behalf of Defence, are pleased to welcome RBSL as industry partners to sustain our specialist FUCHS vehicles into the future. The provision of world class Area Surveillance and Reconnaissance (AS&R) capability is a cornerstone of the UK’s Defence C-CBRN policy, which seeks to avoid the hazard, protect the force and preserve fighting power in order to maintain operational freedom of action post a CBRN incident. The contract will ensure this vital capability is updated and maintained, providing reassurance to allies and partners whilst bolstering our deterrence to would-be aggressors.”


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