Catching the NuWave

Irish company NuWave Sensors launch their LU45

LU45, by NuwaveSensors, is a rapid detection system that remotely monitors for airborne pathogens (bacteria, yeasts and molds), revolutionising the present approach to pathogen detection and control. The system automatically detects infectious airborne contaminants before visual growth occurs. This provides valuable time to engage in corrective action before an outbreak takes place eg listeria in your food production plant or E.coli in your healthcare facility.

LU45 works by drawing a small sample of air into the sensor which has been engineered to determine the presence of a specific microbial contamination. The sensor connects to Nuwave Sensors cloud based monitoring system to send text and email alerts when contamination is detected. It is an accurate method of detecting pathogens in a monitored area.

With LU45, clients can detect pathogens on-site without the requirement for external laboratory analysis, significantly shortening detection times from days to hours. By automating the sampling processes, and utilizing an innovative monitoring and detection process, LU45 reduces the high expense and risk used in current traditional sampling methods.

Tags: Detection

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