Cam Lock UK Selected for Major US Aircrew Mask Contract

UK based company Cam Lock announced that it has been selected to act as the sole source supplier for the JSAM-FW respirator contract.

UK based company Cam Lock announced today that it has been selected to act as the sole source supplier for the JSAM-FW respirator contract. The contract covers all USAF and USN fixed wing aircraft platforms and represents a sizeable achievement for the Aldershot based firm who already hold the existing contract to supply the US Navy with their protective systems.
The CBRN respirator was selected after an extensive trial, with the Cam Lock mask proven to exceed the USAF specification requirements. The company has confirmed that assembly will take place in both the US and UK, at Cam Lock’s own manufacturing plants.

Mr Joe Griffiths Chairman of Cam Lock commented:

“Our selection for the JSAM contract is the result of a significant investment in time and resource by the company. It further demonstrates our ability to produce the world’s most advanced aircrew mask technology.”

About the JSAM-Tactical CBRN respirator mask
Designed to protect aircrew from CBRN threat, the respirator mask, which will be known as the JSAM-Tactical in the US, is the world’s only fully qualified in production aircrew respirator with a proven performance at up to 9Gz. It has been developed to resist the severe windblasts experienced in the event of ejection at speeds of up to 600 knots and also allows pilots to eject safely at heights of up to 60,000ft.

Built around Cam Lock’s proven ADOM9G aircrew oxygen mask, the A/P22P-14(V)N respirator makes it significantly easier for pilots to breathe during demanding flight operations. It has been developed to satisfy the requirements of the next generation of aircraft including the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), Eurofighter Typhoon, Saab Gripen and French Rafale. The JSAM-Tactical is at the pinnacle of aircrew protection and incorporates the very latest technology and materials. The respirator can be used on all existing fighter, transport and helicopter platforms. The respirator incorporates a unique articulating visor which ensures full compatibility with current aircrew night vision goggles (NVG) and the very latest helmet mounted display (HMD) systems.

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