Call for Papers - Convergence 2022

If you, or a colleague, have a paper you’d like to present to your peers, colleagues, responders then we have an open call. Any paper justifiably related to CBRNe or HazMat will be considered by our panel of experts. 

Deadline for submissions is Friday September 16th 2022

Previously organisations like Battelle, The Justice Institute of British Columbia, FLIR, BioFire Defense, The EPA CBRNe Consequence Management Advisory Team, The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Science Research, the University of Hertfordshire, and the United States Postal Inspection Service have presented their research at CBRNe Convergence. As opposed to scientific conferences this is a chance for you to talk to the people that will directly benefit from your research, it is a chance to explain what it will mean to them and to gain insight from your peers.

Successful individuals can be considered for a poster or a speaking slot in the ‘Call for Papers’ section. Speaking slots will be 20 minutes and if accepted also include a poster. Those that are selected to speak will also receive the privilege of having their paper published in CBRNe World.

Speakers also will receive free entry for the duration of the conference and workshops. Poster submissions will receive a 20% discount off government delegate rates.

The abstract should be between 250-500 words and include the following: Background (purpose/objective/rationale of the research, relationship too other areas if any); Methods; Preliminary Results; Preliminary Conclusions; Potential impact to mission/warfighter (if known).

Submissions will be assessed by a panel drawn from scientists and first responders, so all papers will be judged to be both practical and understandable with equal weighting being given to both scientific merit and benefit to practitioners.


Deadline for submissions is Friday September 16th 2022


Send all abstracts to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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