Bruhn NewTech delivers the next generation of its HazKey® Systems

HazKey® is a turnkey CBRNe Hazard Management System, designed to be delivered to the incident scene and deployed by a maximum of a two-person team. The system can be transported as a mounted or dismounted capability, within Fast Response Vehicles, Reconnaissance Vehicles, Aircraft and Marine Vessels. Once deployed, the system will monitor Target Areas of up to 20Km, relaying data back to the Control Point and up through levels of Command to Scientific Support.

HazKey® is designed for use by both Military and Emergency First Responders. It locates and identifies any CBRNe Hazard within the Target Area, monitoring its position and its state according to the prevailing meteorological conditions, providing threat identification, enabling response to incidents that threaten life, property, commerce and the environment.

A spokesman for the Netherlands Military said: “We have used our HazKey® systems in daily operations for several years and it has proven to reduce the risk, complexity and cost of responding to and managing CBRNe hazards. In addition it displays an overall picture that enables Commanders to make decisions for the safety of personnel, infrastructure and the environment. The new HazKey® systems have been designed for the contemporary threat environment; they align well with our operational approach and provide us the stretch-capability we need to continue building and adapting our CBRNe operational capability and capacity, for both our domestic and international operations”.

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