BioDefense Therapeutics (BD Tx) completes Phase 2 trials

BD Tx successfully completed their Phase Two double blind, placebo controlled clinical trial for their flu treatment drug

BD Tx and MediVector announced that Favipiravir (also known, less catchily, as T-705a), their anti-influenza drug, has now passed Phase Two trials and is able to begin Phase Three. The results of their Phase Two trial showed that twice daily dosing of Favipiravir demonstrated statistically lower time to alleviation of each of the six influenza symptoms and that they cleared the virus statistically quicker than the placebo. Favipiravir will hopefully clear Phase Three trials and result in a therapeutic that can deal with multiple strains of drug resistant flu. The team, through the JPEO CBD, is also interested in genetically engineered flu, and is looking at their unique mechanism of blocking viral RNA to see how applicable it would be to that, and other pathogens.

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