Biobeat already integrated into 14 Israeli isolation departments for COVID-19 patients

Biobeat, an end-to-end medical grade monitoring system for the management of patients and individuals from a distance is currently being utilised in 14 Israeli hospitals as the main monitoring solution in COVID-19 isolation units as part of the effort by the Israeli Ministry of Health to combat the pandemic.

Biobeat’s hospital solution comprises of their patented monitoring patch. The patch connects to the patient and monitors all major vitals including blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, and skin temperature, as well as having the ability to provide one lead ECG readings. The patch is a disposable, hospital-oriented product designed for single patient use to avoid transmission of diseases, it has a separate sticker and sensor capsule for easy removal and replacement with a battery life of up to 8 days.

The Biobeat patch reduces direct contact between caregivers and exposed individuals/patients, while providing all monitoring needs including customizable alerts and historical trend view of each vital sign. The patch links to Biobeat’s monitoring app, allowing medical staff easy monitoring of vital signs at a distance. The system is cloud based meaning it is accessible from any web platform, no need to purchase specialist software, medical staff can use the app’s ‘smart alert’ system to set customisable thresholds for each vital sign and each patient. The system also allows the user to create a department dashboard and monitor all of their patients wearing the patch from one screen. The system can also be integrated with existing systems allowing for data to be transferred directly to patients electronic medical records.

In a time when hospitals are being overwhelmed with an influx of seriously ill patients suffering from Coronavirus infection, and who need constant monitoring, Biobeat provides a solution where monitoring needs can be met whilst also reducing the risk of infection to health care workers, an issue that has been increasing as the virus spreads. With some hospitals being unable to take in any more patients Biobeat are currently working with Israeli EMS and hospitals to allow home hospitalisation of patients using the Biobeat Patch and Wrist Device, this will hopefully reduce some of the strain on hospitals but still allow those who need some form of medical monitoring the watchful eye they need and peace of mind.

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