Bertin tests a new generation of chemical detection systems

Nowadays, protecting people and critical assets against Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) threats has become a major stake for civil and military security.

At the leading edge of innovation in this field for the past 15 years, Bertin conceives new projects to improve chemical detection: currently being developed, two equipment embody the legacy from gas cloud detector Second Sight MS launched in 2015.

The tests made on these instruments have demonstrated the efficiency of their infrared multispectral imaging systems under strictly controlled conditions of chemical agents’ plumes. As such, they successfully confirmed Bertin’s high degree of expertise in monitoring and detecting toxic and chemical threats in harsh environments.

They both present numerous technological improvements compared to Bertin’s Second Sight MS, including a detection capability on vehicles, a digital tablet for real-time monitoring, a short response time without latency, and a heightened sensitivity to analyse less condensed gas clouds. One of this equipment also features a compact, lightweight design, along with a unique infrared camera with a combination of 6 micro-filters and micro-lens.

By carrying out these projects, which would come to fruition in a couple of years, Bertin aims once again at providing innovative solutions for both detection and characterization of chemical gas for civil and military applications.

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