Bertin to acquire Saphymo in 2015

Bertin Technologies, a subsidiary of the French industrial group CNIM, is strengthening its range of instrumentation equipment and systems by acquiring the Saphymo Group. This take-over would take effect in early January 2015.

Saphymo is a French provider of instrumentation solutions for detecting and measuring ionizing radiation. Saphymo is active in 3 sectors: the nuclear industry, the environment and defense and security. Based at Saint-Aubin on the Saclay plateau next Paris, it has 3 other sites in France as well as 2 subsidiaries located in Germany and in Italy.

Bertin Technologies is at the forefront of French technological and industrial innovation and has been investing for a number of years in the area of state-of-the-art instrumentation systems, recently winning contracts with major players in the space and defense sectors. Since it is involved in laboratory instrumentation, Bertin Technologies is also one of the leading French companies engaged in detecting CBRN threats.

The two companies will both maintain their current workforce and operating sites. Together Bertin Technologies and Saphymo will be able to develop both technological and commercial synergy in their product ranges in the nuclear and CBRN sectors. They will form a coherent unit with a presence on the international stage and active in markets which have grown considerably in recent years as a result, on the one hand, of lessons learnt from the Fukushima disaster and, on the other, from persistent terrorist CBRN threats.

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